# Battle of Passchendaele's commemorations in Belgium

The third battle of Ypres or Battle of Passchendaele has paid a severely high price in human losses in the first World War and it’s only normal that the remembrance ceremonies show high standards in helping the humans of the 21st century understanding this major war event. This battle which made around 250000 British casualties, 8500 French and 4000 Canadians and thousands of wounded lasted from July the 31st to the 6th of November 1917 in Ypres salient.

Battle of Passchendaele's commemorations in Belgium  - All rights reserved ©

Battle of Passchendaele's commemorations in Belgium - All rights reserved ©

This next week end, thousands of visitors will converge to the Flemish city to honour the fallen, the wounded and the participants of this important historical event.  Of course, the logical start to such an important a ceremony is an attendance to the Last Post, under the Menin Gate, ceremony which takes place every single night (German occupation period aside) and which will surely be very special for the descendants of the Battle of Passchendaele on the Saturday. A live performance on the Market Square of Ypres will then take place to remember the fallen.


On Monday the 31st, HRH the Prince of Wales, along with HRHs the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Queen of the Belgians will together attend memorial ceremonies in Passchendaele and inaugurate the Memorial Museum of Passchendaele 2017.


If the tickets are all sold for the events for which a beforehand registration was asked more than 4000 tickets were attributed by ballot, it’s still possible of course to go visit the region and pay your respects at the Menin Gate or at the Tyne Cote Cemetery (outside the booked moments). it’s even a great idea for a family outing to pass on history, memory and emotions. It surely will be very crowded around Passchendaele and Zonnebeke self but it’s a good occasion to be a part of those important commemorations.


In their hard sacrifice, the soldiers of the d Battle of Ypres will never be forgotten. And it’s good to let it know.


All informations to be found on http://passchendaele2017.org and http://www.passchendaele.be





Marie Cappart