Paul McCartney rend hommage à Fats Domino

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Fats Domino est décédé à l'âge de 89 ans, ce 25 octobre. 

McCartney a écrit sur son site officiel un très bel hommage (voir ci-dessous pour l'intégralité), parlant de Fats Domino comme d'un "grand pianiste et chanteur de rock 'n roll" et le décrivant comme "vraiment magnifique".

“Nous étions très excités de le rencontrer dans sa ville natale de Nouvelle-Orléans, il portait une énorme montre incrustée de diamants, et c'était notre première rencontre avec le "bling bling"", écrit-il.

Voici l'hommage sur son site.

“Rest in peace Fats Domino, the great rock ’n’ roll pianist and singer who thrilled us in our early days in Liverpool. His hit records like ‘Ain’t That A Shame’, ‘Blueberry Hill’, ‘I’m In Love Again’ and many others introduced us to the sounds of New Orleans rock ‘n’ roll. We were excited to meet Fats once in his home town of New Orleans. He was wearing a huge star spangled diamond encrusted watch which was our first encounter with bling! His voice, piano playing and musical style was a huge influence on us and his appearance in the film ‘The Girl Can’t Help It’ was truly magnificent. As one of my favourite rock ‘n’ roll singers, I will remember him fondly and always think of him with that twinkle in his eye. I read that he had eight children. He himself was named Antoine. His kids were named Antoine III, Anatole, Andre, Antonio, Antoinette, Andrea, Anola and Adonica. Now that is pure Fats!”

Ce 27 octobre, Walter de Paduwa vous proposera une heure d'émission spéciale consacrée à la carrière de Fats Domino, dans l'émission Dr Boogie dès 21h. 

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