La playlist du vendredi 8 mars 2019

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Retrouvez ici la playlist de Classic 21 Metal pour l'émission du 8 mars.

Korn Blind Korn (1994)
Killing Joke Pandemonium Pandemonium (1994)
Nine Inch Nails March OF The Pigs The Downward Spiral (1994)
Whitesnake Slow An' Easy (US mix, 2019 remaster) Slide It In, 35th anniversary box, NEW !
Whitesnake Slide It In (???) Slide It In, 35th anniversary box, NEW !
Whitesnake Ready And Willing (Sweet Satisfaction) Slide It In, 35th anniversary box, NEW !
Helloween Sole Survivor Master OF The Rings (1994)
Running Wild The Privateer Black Hands Inn (1994)
Megadeth The Killing Road Youthanasia (1994)
Soundgarden My Wave Superunknow (1994)
Kyuss N.O. Welcome to Sky Valley (1994)
Corrosion OF Conformity Albatross Deliverance (1994)
Machine Head Davidian Burn My Eyes (1994)
Monster Voodoo Machine Bastard Is As Bastard Does Suffersystem (1994)
Marilyn Manson Lunchbox Portrait Of an American Family (1994)
Pantera Becoming Far Beyond Driven (1994)
In Flames In Flames Lunar Strain (1994)
Obituary Paralyzing World Demise (1994)
Melvins Revolve Stoner Witch (1994)
The Obsessed Streetside The Church Within (1994)
Bolt Thrower For Victory … For Victory (1994)
Amorphis Into Hiding Tales From The Thousand Lakes (1994)
Napalm Death Hung Fear Emptiness Despair (1994)
Mayhem Freezing Moon De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas (1994)
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