La playlist du vendredi 19 mars 2021

Retrouvez ici la playlist de Classic 21 Metal pour l'émission du 19 mars.

Titre Artiste Album
Detroit Rock City KISS Destroyer (1976)
Put To The Sword (ft. Paul Quinn) Primitai Violence Of the Skies, OUT 26/03
I'm A Rebel Accept I'm A Rebel (1980)
Crow Killer Blues Rob Zombie The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy, NEW !
The Ballad Of Sleazy Rider Rob Zombie The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy, NEW !
Renegades Of Funk Rage Against The Machine Renegades (2000)
Bum Rush Body Count Carnivore (2020)
Cheery Pie Warrant Cherry Pie (1990)
Nothing But A Good Time Poison Open Up And Say… Ahh! (1988)
Come Out And Play Twisted Sister Come Out And Play (1985)
Death Cult Alastor Onwards And Downwards, OUT 28/05
Digital Bath Deftones White Pony (2000)
Bleak Opeth Blackwater Park (2001)
Crack The Skye Mastodon Crack The Skye (2009)
Love You To Death Type O Negative October Rust (1996)
Male Supremacy Carnivore Carnivore (1985)
The Outer Banks Eyehategod A History Of Nomadic Behavior, NEW !
Life On Earth Cro Mags 2020 [EP] (2020)
Alan's On Fire Poison Idea Feel The Darkness (1990)
Exciter Judas Priest Stained Class (1978)
Hammer Of The North Grand Magus Hammer Of The North (2010)
Motordeath The Crown Royal Destroyer, NEW !
Down With The Sickness Disturbed The Sickness (2000)
Eternal Hatred Bleedskin Blood Reign (2020), BE 
Our World, It Rumbles Tonight Satyricon Satyricon (2013)
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