La playlist du vendredi 15 mars 2019

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Retrouvez ici la playlist de Classic 21 Metal pour l'émission du 15 mars.

Artiste Titre Album
Whitesnake  Trouble Is Your Middle Name Flesh & Blood, NEW!
Backyard Babies Good Morning Midnight Silver And Gold, NEW !
Alice Cooper Fallen In Love (ft. Billy Gibbons) Paranormal (2017)
Diamond Head Belly Of The Beast The Coffin Train, OUT 24/05
Orphaned Land In Propaganda Unsung Prophets And Dead Messiahs (2018)
Within Temptation Supernova (session acoustique) Session Classic 21 EXCLU
Within Temptation Faster (session acoustique) Session Classic 21 EXCLU
Within Temptation Ice Queen (session acoustique) Session Classic 21 EXCLU
Aerosmith Jailbait Rock In A Hard Place (1982)
Channel Zero Hot Summer Feed Em With A Brick (2011)
My Diligence Hunt The Hunter Sun Rose, NEW !
S-Tool Hole Single, NEW !
Baroness Morningstar Purple (2015)
Krank Power Hideous (1986)
Sodom M-16 M-16 (2001)
Burnt By The Sun Rust - Futer Primitive Heart Of Darkness (2009)
Rush Working Man Rush (1974)
Nebula The Dagger Heavy Psych (2009) EP
Spirit Adrift Hear Her Single, New !
Meadows End Devilution The Grand Antiquation, NEW !
Children Of Bodom Hecate's Nightmare Hexed, NEW !
Exuviated Errance Déliquescence, NEW ! EXCLU
At The Gates Under A Serpent Sun Slaughter Of The Soul (1995)
Skeletonwitch Unwept Serpents Unleashed (2013)
Watain Towards The Sanctuary Trident Wolf Eclipse (2018)
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