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Imperceptible electronics that are lighter than a feather

Imperceptible electronics that are lighter than a feather

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The international research team lead by Professor Takao Someya, ERATO Research Director (The University of Tokyo) has manufactured the world's thinnest (2 μm) and lightest (3 g/m2) soft organic transistor integrated circuits (ICs) on ultrathin polymeric films with a thickness of only 1.2 μm. This was possible because the team developed a novel technique to form a high-quality 19-nm-thick insulating layer on the rough surface of the 1.2-μm-thick polymeric film.
The organic transistor ICs exhibit extraordinary robustness in spite of being super-thin. Indeed, the electrical properties and mechanical performance of the transistor ICs were practically unchanged (no degradation was seen) even when squeezed to a bending radius of 5 μm, dipped in physiological saline, or stretched to up to double their original size.
This achievement was published in Nature on July 25, 2013.

* This project was carried out in collaboration with Associate Professor Tsuyoshi Sekitani, Dr. Martin Kaltenbrunner, Jonathan Reeder, Dr. Tomoyuki Yokota, Kazunori Kuribara, and Takeyoshi Tokuhara at the University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan; and Professor Siegfried Bauer, Michael Drack, Dr. Reinhard Schwödiauer, Assistant Professor Ingrid Graz, and Dr. Simona Bauer-Gogonea at Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria.


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