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Veillée pour Viktoria Marinova

Veillée pour Viktoria Marinova


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[Mourning vigils were held in Sofia and other cities on the evening of October 8 for Viktoria Marinova, 30, a journalist for a Ruse cable television station, found murdered in the Danube city this past weekend.]

Mourning vigils were held in Sofia and other cities on the evening of October 8 for Viktoria Marinova, 30, a journalist for a Ruse cable television station, found murdered in the Danube city this past weekend. Bulgarian police say that they are pursuing several lines of inquiry into the murder, concerning both the professional and private life of Marinova. The head of the District Police Directorate, Commissioner, Teodor Atanasov, said the victim's mobile phone had not yet been found.
The investigation includes known criminals with a predilection for violence. CCTV footage is also included in the investigation along with witness statements. Police say that the victim’s cell phone is still missing. The version that the journalist was murdered because of her investigative program called “Detector”, in which she interviewed investigative journalists Dimitar Stoyanov from the website and Attila Biro from the Romanian Rise Project, who received prominent coverage recently when they were arrested while investigating a major company that they allege was involved in abusing EU funds.
In that regard, the Chief Prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov said that the Prosecutor’s Office has stopped transactions for EUR 14 mln from companies and tradesmen linked to the construction company GP Group. There is enough evidence to confirm a crime. A legal proceeding has been set up after Deputy PM Tomislav Donchev and the website signaled of the crime.
A team from the Institute of Psychology met with the investigators to produce a profile of the perpetrator. The police are working on several versions. Mladen Marinov, Minister of the Interior, explained that one of the versions is a random event, performed by a person with psychological abnormalities and a strong sexual drive. District Police Directorate, Commissioner Teodor Atanasov added he could not commit to a specific date, but very soon expects to have results. Security in the area where the crime was committed will be enhanced with more illumination and more video surveillance.
The vigils were organized through social media where the news of the murder was met with extreme reactions. The organizers are certain that the murder has something to do with Marinova’s work as a journalist and that it was not random.
Ruse, October 8
- sign, saying Regional Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior - Ruse
- Mladen Marinov, Bulgarian Minister of Interior Affairs, saying (in Bulgarian): [We are working] on the version that this was a random act of violence by an individual with a mental disorder and a strong sex urge, but we are also not disregarding the possibility that it was a planned act, again by such person, or that there was some personal motive.
- Sotir Tsatsarov, chief prosecutor of Bulgaria, saying (in Bulgarian): At this stage we must be economical with our words, not because we have nothing to say, but because every word said in an imprudent manner could do harm to the investigation.

Sofia, October 8
- vigil held at the St Nedelya Church
- people at the vigil
- photo of victim
- photo of victim surrounded by candles in the shape of a heart
- vs of vigil
- people with posters saying “in honor of Viktoria Marinova”
- person holding photo of Marinova, where she is wearing a black t-shirt saying “The System Kills Them” (symbolic of the protesting mothers of disabled children)

Ruse, October 8
- vs of vigil
- Woman saying (in Bulgarian): It shouldn’t have been like that, it shouldn’t. She was a very radiant girl. Was.
- Another woman saying (in Bulgarian): My being here today is the least I could’ve done for her because she believed in in us and worked hard to show society all the right causes.
- people with candles


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