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theVOV: Season One - institutions


theVOV: Season One - institutions

  • 52 s

Visit: http://www.theVOV.art

Cutting edge XR and 21st century micro-philanthropy for the arts

OUTSET CONTEMPORARY ART FUND and VISUALOGICAL have joined forces to bring you theVOV.

Fifteen of the UK’s leading arts institutions have been brought together for the first time on one centralised platform. Each institution presents an exhibition revived from their archives, with the earliest show dating back to 1982. theVOV invites you to experience these virtual exhibitions on demand, join virtual guided tours, connect with like-minded people from around the world, and participate in live events with artists, directors, curators, and cultural celebrities, all in the spirit of supporting our beloved institutions during this crucial time.

VR design | Erel Herzog
Soundscape | Dawn Lintern
Production | Visualogical