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The Minister / L'Exercice de l'État (2011) - Trailer French


The Minister / L'Exercice de l'État (2011) - Trailer French

  • 1 min 49 s

Directed by : Pierre Schoeller
Produced by : Archipel 35
Genre: Fiction - Runtime: 1 h 52 min
French release: 26/10/2011
Production year: 2010

Transport Minister Bertrand Saint-Jean is awoken in the middle of the night by his head of staff. A bus has gone off the road into a gully. He has no choice but to go to the scene of the accident.

Thus begins the odyssey of a politician in a world that is increasingly more complex and hostile.

Speed, power struggles, chaos, economic crisis... Everything follows in quick succession and clashes. Emergencies follow on each other's heels. What sacrifices are men prepared to make?

Just how long will they hold up in a state that devours those that work for it?

More info: http://en.unifrance.org/movie/32041/the-minister