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Ryanair : grève en Allemagne

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Ryanair : grève en Allemagne

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[For the first time in the history of Irish carrier Ryanair cabin and cockpit crews are on strike for 24 hours in Germany.]

Already on Tuesday the airline had announced to cancel 150 of their 400 flights to and from Germany on Wednesday. Due to the high participation in strike action maybe up to 60 or 70 per cent of flights won’t be operated, German service union Ver.di and pilot’s union Vereinigung Cockpit are hoping. Ryanair employees demand to have a proper labor agreement under German law, now most of the contracts are being made under Irish law, which results in worse social working conditions. Ver.di spokesowman Katharina Wesenick said in Frnakfurt today that Ryanair was having “medieval working conditions” adding that they were “far from agreeing”. Vereinigung Cockpit expert Schumacher said that the airline was misusing their position of power brutally and that Ryanair was “threatening their employees and exposing them to existential fears”. As if to confirm this crewmembers on strike in Frankfurt were wearing masks showing the face of CEO Michael O’Leary. Around hundred Ryanair employees walked through the terminal carrying posters demanding :”Ryanair stop squeezing you crew”. Unions already announced that the strike might be extended, which let the Irish airline react with the threat of further job cuts. Unions reacted upset, saying it was “an absolute scandal when employees who are following their basic rights are being threatened”, said Vereinigung Cockpit vice president Markus Wahl in Frankfurt.

Thousands of customers on all German airports had to suffer. The strike started at 3.00h local and passengers were left in limbo about whether their flight was affected or not. Flights already cancelled were actually operating and flights announced as operating were cancelled the very last minute.
Shot today at Frankfurt airport
-vs. of masked Ryanair workers on strike

Shot Tuesday in Frankfurt:
-sound bite Peter Bellew, Ryanair Chief Operations Officer (English): “If our business is being damaged we will review all locations.”
-sound bite Kenny Jacobs, Ryanair sales manager (English): “They need to take this seriously and they need to stop the show of just calling strikes and need to come back to the table

Shot today at Frankfurt airport:
-sound bite Katharina Wesenick, Ver.di service union spokeswoman (German): “At Ryanair we have tyranny, there are no respectful existence ensuring working conditions. They need to have wage agreements and Ryanair is offering not enough to have it solved at the table.”
-vs of Ryanair planes and flight taking off (file)
-vox pop young man, red t-shirt (German): “It is well known that Ryanair has bad working conditions, they often are violating worker’s rights, I know what I am talking about since I am working at a labor court.” – “Of course you are watching for the price, but when I know that the employees are getting paid more I would pay a hundred euros more, no problem.”
-vox pop young woman long hair (German): “No I am no longer booking Ryanair, due to ethical reasons. I don’t think it is reasonable as a passenger as as they do not treat their crew better. Apart from that they are always late.”
-vox pop young man headphones (German): “I thought the company would pay their workers normally. I thought the flights are a little cheaper because I had booked very early.” –“I wasn’t aware or didn’t think about that it might be bad for them (the workers).” – “It would be about the price too, but if the price would be just a little be more expensive, but workers would get more money, then I would pay it. Let’s say 20 euros would be no problem.”
-sound bite Daniel Flohr, UFO Independent Fligt Attendant Union (German): „It is not only the working conditions but how Ryanair is treating its employees. They are ruling in dictatorial manner and they do with the employees whatever they want. That’s why I think it is very courageous and it is great that the colleagues are going on strike, that


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