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Ride 2 - Gamescom Trailer

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Ride 2 - Gamescom Trailer

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We are proud to announce our participation in one of the biggest videogame dates of the year: GAMESCOM 2016. All tracks which will be present in Ride 2 and all game modes, which cannot fail to excite even the most demanding gamer and motorcyclist, guaranteeing a unique gaming experience in its kind, will be unveiled and demonstrated at this event.

Within the exclusive AESVI space, dedicated to Italian publishers (Hall 3.2, A25), on Wednesday the 17th and Thursday the 18th at the dedicated Milestone Stand, the international press will be able to have a hands-on sneak peek at the latest IP from the Milanese developer, getting involved in adrenaline-filled challenges behind closed doors. Visitors will get the chance to play Ride 2 at the public Bandai Namco Entertainment booth from 11.30 until 12.00.

There will be more than just bikes: if RIDE had already got you used to taking on some of the most challenging and famous tracks, Ride 2 won’t fail to shock you once again! There will now be 30 tracks instead of 15, with new legendary circuits and different types of tracks. Following widespread clamour from the community, Road Race Tracks such as Nürburgring Nordschleife, Ulster GP and Northwest 200, which represent every rider’s coveted aim, along with the Supermoto Circuits such as Castelletto di Branduzzo, Ottobiano and Franciacorta, which represent a real new factor in this edition, will be included. These are just a few of the tracks in the game, the complete list includes:

Country Tracks
• Hellenic Towers
• Viking Valley
• Eastern Mountains
• National Park of Stelvio
• Sierra Nevada
• North Wales
• Kanto Temples
• French Riviera

Drag Strips
• Salt Flats Speedway
• Airport Fastline
• American Highway

City Tracks
• Milan
• Miami
• Macau

Road Race Tracks
• Nurburgring Nordschleife
• Northwest 200
• Ulster GP

GP Circuits
• Monza
• Vallelunga
• Nurburgring GP
• Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari Imola
• Sportsland SUGO
• Donington Park Circuit – 2014 version
• Road America
• Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours
• Circuito de Almería
• Potrero de los Funes Circuit

Supermoto Circuits
• Castelletto di Branduzzo
• Ottobiano
• Franciacorta

As previously mentioned, the innovation doesn’t stop there: not just more bikes, more tracks, but even more game modes, now 15 instead of 10; Quick Modes:
• Quick Race: Select your favourite bike and track and compete against 15 opponents to take the victory!
• Time Trial: Select your favourite bike and track and race to record your best time.
• Split Screen: Challenge a friend at home in the split screen mode.

• Online Race: Compete online in open races with up to 12 players
• Online Championship: Participate in a sequence of online races. Whoever has the most points at the end of the season is declared the winner.

World Tour:
• Individual Race: Compete in an individual race and do your best to reach the podium.
• Time Attack: You have a limited number of laps to beat one of the three record times shown in this event. The quicker the time you manage to beat, the greater the reward.
• Drag Race: A knockout tournament based on online drag races. Find the perfect time to change gear to beat your opponents.
• Track Day: The track is open to the public today, but someone has to show these newbies how to ride a bike. Pass as many riders as you can before the time runs out!
• Head-to-Head: The track is open to the public today, but there is a capable challenger ready to take you on. Pass your opponent in the fastest possible time and keep your position.
• Pairs Race: Compete in a Pairs Race. Points will be awarded to every rider according to their position at the end of the race. The team which achieves the most points wins.
• Endurance: A race based on endurance. Tackle the rolling start and number of laps much higher than a normal race.
• Championship: The championship is made up of a sequence of races. At the end of each race you will receive points according to your position. The winner is the rider with the most points at the end of the championship.
• Team vs Team: Two teams of four riders take each other on in an individual race. Points will be assigned to every rider according to where they finish at the end of the race. The team which achieves the most points wins.
• Perfect Trajectory: Beat the record time following the trajectory suggested by the street cones without committing infractions and avoiding penalties.
• Point-to-Point Race: Compete in a section of the Nürburgring Nordschleife and do your best to reach the podium.

Ride 2 will be available for PlayStation®4, Xbox One and Windows PC/STEAM™ on October 7th, 2016.