Queen Elisabeth Semi-final - Charlotte Wajnberg - 05/05/2018

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Queen Elisabeth Semi-final

Queen Elisabeth Semi-final

Charlotte Wajnberg

  • 20 min

JOSEPH JONGEN Bal de fleurs [6 MÉLODIES OP. 25 – ADOLPHE HARDY] FRANZ SCHUBERT Suleika I D 720 [MARIANNE VON WILLEMER] GIACOMO PUCCINI Quando m’en vo [MUSETTA – LA BOHÈME] CLAUDE DEBUSSY L’année en vain chasse l’année – Azaël, Azaël pourquoi m’as-tu quittée [L’ENFANT PRODIGUE – É DOUARD GUINAND] GIAN CARLO MENOTTI Hello Margaret, it’s you ? [LUCY – THE TELEPHONE] This year the competition is dedicated to singers! From May 1st until May 12th, they will compete in Brussels in front of a prestigious international jury.


Concours Reine Elisabeth



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