Majorque : les rues et les maisons envahies par la boue - 11/10/2018

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Majorque : les rues et les maisons envahies par la boue

Majorque : les rues et les maisons envahies par la boue

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Sant Llorenc des Cardassar, Mallorca - 10 October 2018

1. Muddy street with ruined furniture

2. Home affected by floods

3. Muddy street, damaged furniture

4. Street full of damaged furniture

5. Residents talking

6. Woman walks down street

7. Various of turned over vehicle in square

8. Digger picking up waste to put in large skip

9. Residents talking outside home

10. Residents cleaning mud from home

11. Mudline on inside wall of house

12. Man hoses down mud from inside wall of house

13. Street

14. Workers cleaning street

15. SOUNDBITE (English) Barbera Severa, 51, local resident:

"It started around seven (p.m. last night) and then in a matter of minutes, the water was high up to more than one metre, taking the cars and whatever was in the way. And it went on and on for two hours and a half. So, it was a long, long night...running out of water, light, communications. So we had a tough time, we lost some neighbours right here, close to this neighbourhood. We are lucky, we can tell all about it, we are lucky we are here and we are grateful but the scene in the whole town is just destruction."

16. Clean up on the streets

17. Various of inside the newsagent and souvenir shop owned by the family of Barbera Severa


Residents of the Spanish island of Mallorca began cleaning up their houses on Wednesday after a torrential rainstorm caused flash flooding that left at least ten people dead and a trail of piled vehicles and damaged infrastructure from surges of water and mud.

Barbera Severa, who lives in Sant Llorenc des Cardassar and whose family's souvenir store has been severely damaged in the floods, said she was grateful to be alive.

Two British citizens and a Dutch woman were among the victims found Wednesday, one day after the rainfall, a spokeswoman with the regional emergency service said.

The only missing person as of Wednesday afternoon was a five-year-old boy who disappeared with his mother.

The mother's body was found earlier on Wednesday.


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