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Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains - The Way To The Forest (Official Video)


Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains - The Way To The Forest (Official Video)

  • 4 min 32 s

Frànçois & the Atlas Mountains - The Way To The Forest (Official Video)
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Hunter with Bird - Timothy Block
Hunter with Dog - Nigel Murfitt
Stunt Performer - Alex Tucker

Animals provided by - A-Z Animals
Dog Handler - Anne Chalis
Hawk Handler - James Holliday

Director - Elliot Dear
Exec Producer -- Blinkink, James Stevenson Bretton, Bart Yates
Producer - Benjamin Lole

DOP - Edward Tucker
1st Assistant Camera - Location - Ben Brown
2nd Assist Camera -- Location - Jess Wray
1st Assistant Camera -- Studio - Ben Brown, Jess Wray
2nd Assist Camera -- Studio - Cleo Vogler

Gaffer -- Location - Yan Murawski
Gaffer -- Studio - Max Halstead
Electrician -- Studio - Junior Agyeman Owusu
Grip -- Location - Tom Mansfield
DIT - Leandro Santini

Runner - Albert Sala, Felix Gross Harrison, Euan Gilhooly

Art Director - Sonya Yu
Costume Designer - Rose Popham
Practical Effects Engineer - Morgan Faverty

Helicam - Uppercut Productions
Helicam Pilot - Chris Wilkinson
Helicam Operator - Guy Jenkins

Stopmotion and Studio Shoot - Clapham Road Studios
Stop Motion DOP - Max Halstead
Beetle Puppet Makers - Elliot Dear, Sonya Yu, Christy Matta
Stop Motion Animator - Andy Biddle

Post Production - BlinkInk Studio
Editor - Elliot Dear
Technical Director/Lead Compositor - Patrick Hearn
Compositors - Simone Ghillardotti, Elliot Dear, Johannes Sambs, Chris Bristow
Grade - Julian Biard @ Finish

Special thanks
Leon @ AimImage for all the amazing kit
Craig @ Panavision for the fancy lenses
Steve and Tim @ Black Park for the trees
Sam @ Speade for the encouraging editing advice
Elizabeth, Matt and Toby @ Clapham Road Studios for the endless favours and help.
Nana @ Headnod for the stunts
Anna Kennedy for the casting aid
Ciaran Spencer for his car
Beatrice and Ellie @ Blink Productions for the advice and contacts.
and Bart @ Domino for his patience and trust.


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