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Festival ARTONOV 2018 highlights

Festival ARTONOV 2018 highlights

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For its fourth edition, the Festival ARTONOV is particularly interested in the architecture of the ritual and the ritual of artistic performance. From this theme begins a search for the structure itself, the fundamental essence of a performance and a reflection of how it is influenced by architecture. This ritual will now be dominated by a music program containing graphic arts, drawing and Japanese calligraphy.

The program presents artists whose work fits within this interdisciplinary and almost anthropological idea that sees the performance as an “intensely shared memory ritual.”

Auguste Bachelard considers every architectural structure a poetic space which can be difficult to make sense of by those experiencing and perceiving it. However, thanks to artistic performances, ARTONOV will attempt to open up real interior perspectives.

World renowned artists are honouring us with their participation in the festival, and as icing on the cake, are providing several original creations to guide our journey through the Art Nouveau and Art Deco locations in Brussels which greatly inspire us.

From 9 – 14 October, ten Brussels Art Nouveau and Art Deco locations will open their doors to the public. Furthermore, ARTONOV will also present a “pop up” version of the festival at the Villa Cavrois near Lille on 27 October.


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