Débat entre Manfred Weber et Alexander Stubbe (PPE) - 08/11/2018

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Débat entre Manfred Weber et Alexander Stubbe (PPE)

Débat entre Manfred Weber et Alexander Stubbe (PPE)

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Helsinki, Finland - 7 November 2018

1. Various of EPP (European People's Party, the group uniting Europe's center-right parties) Candidates Alexander Stubb and Manfred Weber taking the stage for the EPP candidate debate

2. SOUNDBITE (English) Alexander Stubb, EPP candidate from Finland: ++CONTAINS VARIOUS ANGLES++

"The main reason I joined the campaign was basically a defence of European values because I did feel, much like Manfred, that they are under attack from the outside. The United States - I mean, look at the language Donald Trump is using at the moment, I don't think that's akin with European values. They (European values) are under attack from China, they're under attack from Russia, but they're also under attack from inside the European Union - from the likes of Poland, from the likes of Italy, at this particular moment. What would I do? I think we need to stand up on the barricades and defend these values, and understand that in insecure times people need to feel a sense of belonging. For me that belonging is liberal democracy, rule of law, tolerance, equality, human rights, fundamental rights, protection of minorities. Rule of law is important. It's a package together with human rights and fundamental rights. If we don't stick to the values that we have defended all of our lives, I think we will be lost."

3. Various of stage, UPSOUND (English) Moderator: "Manfred, are we defending rule of law sufficiently, the EPP, Europe?"

4. SOUNDBITE (English) Manfred Weber, EPP candidate from Germany: ++CONTAINS VARIOUS ANGLES++

"The worrisome thing is that we are discussing this issue now due to internal developments, inside of the European Union. We cannot argue to defend the principles we share as EPP and as Europeans, we cannot argue for these principles on a global level, towards China, towards Russia, if we don't respect them internally. That's why it is critical when we have such questions on the table, and that's why I would say we have to make a new approach for the future, because it's obviously not enough to have the fundamental principles included in our Lisbon Treaty and our common rules and so on. I think we have to go a step further. I would ask in the future for a binding rule of law mechanism inside of the European Union."

5. Various of stage, UPSOUND (English) Moderator: "Can I just say I should ask this question to Michel Barnier, but I can't, I'm going to ask you a word on Brexit because we're at a critical moment and the clock is ticking. What are your thoughts on Brexit at this point, Manfred?"

6. SOUNDBITE (English) Manfred Weber, EPP Candidate from Germany: ++CONTAINS VARIOUS ANGLES++

"Well first of all we were shocked. I think that was the emotion we all shared when we saw the outcome, we couldn't imagine that this could happen. It happened. We all regret it, but it's now on the table. I first want to thank Michel (Barnier) under the leadership of Jean-Claude (Juncker). I think we are doing a great job to keep Europe together, the 27 are united. So thank you for this, Michel. And secondly I think we have to give people a clear answer. Everybody wants to have a strong cooperation, also in the next year after the Brexit will happen between us Europeans and the Brits. But I must tell you one clear message: I cannot vote in the European Parliament for a leave treaty, when next March nothing would happen (change). But it must make a difference when you're leaving the European Union, and the Brits will lose some of the advantages of this strong union."

7. Stage, UPSOUND (English) Moderator: "Alex, your thoughts."

8. SOUNDBITE (English) Alexander Stubb, EPP Candidate from Finland: ++CONTAINS VARIOUS ANGLES++

"First of all I must admit that for me and my family, Brexit is


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