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Death Of A Shadow (Dood van een schaduw / Mort D'une Ombre) - Trailer


Death Of A Shadow (Dood van een schaduw / Mort D'une Ombre) - Trailer

  • 1 min 18 s

Winner of the European Film Award (EFA) for Best European Short Film (2013)
Nominated for the Academy Award (Oscar) for Best Live Action Short (2013)
Nominated for the Mélies D'Or For Best European Fantastic Short Film (2013/2014)

Stuck in a limbo between life and death, Nathan Rijckx, a deceased World War I soldier, has to collect shadows to regain a second chance at life and love. With two shadows left to collect, he discovers something that shakes his world completely.

Country: Belgium/France
Directed by: Tom Van Avermaet

Starring: Matthias Schoenaerts ('Rust & Bone', Oscar nominated 'Bullhead'), Laura Verlinden (Ben X, The Emperor Of Taste), Peter Van Den Eede (Van Vlees En Bloed, De zonen van as), Benjamin Ramon

Screened at 100 festivals, winner of 33 awards and recipient of 3 honorable special mentions.

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Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dood-van-een-schaduw-Mort-dune-ombre-Death-of-a-shadow/223307421100690
Twitter: @deathofashadow or my personal twitter @VanAvermaetTom
Homepage: http://www.deathofashadow.com

If you want to purchase the film online or on dvd

Itunes (English Subtitles):


Dvd (Dutch version only, also includes 'Droomtijd' -- Thesis Film of Tom Van Avermaet)


Dvd/Blu-ray (English Subtitles)
Part Of Selected Shorts 15: Best Flemish Short Films


Awarded @ the following festivals

57th Seminci - Valladolid International Film Festival (Spain)
38th Boston Science Fiction Film Festival (USA- Massachusetts)
27th Leeds International Film Festival (UK)
26th Dragon Con Independent Film Festival (USA-Georgia)
20th Festival International Du Film Fantastique De Gerardmer (France)
19th Lund International Fantastic Film Festival (Sweden)
18th International Short Film Festival Leuven (Belgium)
16th California Independent Film Festival (Italy)
16th L.A. Shortsfest (USA-California)
14th Pamplona Film Festival (Spain)
13th Fargo Film Festival (USA-North Dakota)
12th Transilvania International Film Festival (Romania)
11th Imaginaria Film Festival (Italy)
10th Les 24 Courts - Festival De Court-Métrages (France)
9th Asterfest -- International Short Film Festival (Macedonia)
9th Hollyshorts Film Festival (US-California)
8th Sapporo Short Fest (Japan)
8th Short Shorts Film Festival Mexico (Mexico)
7th Cryptshow / Mad Cryptshow Festival (Spain)
7th Thess (Thessaloniki) International Short Film Festival (Greece)
6th Rincon International Film Festival (Puerto Rico)
5th Badgad International Film Festival (Iraq)
4th Festival Du Film Merveilleux & Imaginaire (France)
3rd Samain Du Cinéma Fantastique (France)
2nd Irvine International Film Festival (USA-California)
1st Fanterror Muestra De Cortos (Spain)
1st Nocturna -- Madrid International Fantastic Film Festival (Spain)