'Bart' The 'Zombie Cat' Claws Its Way Back From The Dead - 28/01/2015

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'Bart' The 'Zombie Cat' Claws Its Way Back From The Dead

'Bart' The 'Zombie Cat' Claws Its Way Back From The Dead

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Zombie Cat: Buried Kitty Believed Dead, Meows Back to Life
“I saw him with my own eyes. I know he was dead. He was cold and stiff" -- says owner owner.

It's tough out there for a cat - just take Bart from Florida in the US.

First the 23-month-old feline now dubbed "zombie cat" was hit by a car. Then, thinking his cat was dead, Bart's owner buried him.

But Bart wasn't dead.

Five days later, the bedraggled cat reportedly wandered into a neighbour's backyard, sans half its face and with a badly injured eye.

"He had dug himself out of the grave and slowly made his way back home, albeit in weak, dehydrated and in need of medical attention," the Tampa Bay Humane Society told ABC 7.

Bart's owner, 52-year-old Ellis Hutson, said he found his pet in a pool of blood earlier this month and was sure it was dead.

"I open the door and my neighbor's standing there with the cat in her hand," Hutson told ABC. "She said, 'Bart is not dead.' I said, 'That’s impossible. We buried Bart.'"

Hutson rushed the cat to the hospital, where Bart will have its broken jaw rewired, left eye removed and a feeding drip inserted.

Despite its time under ground, veterinarians expect Bart to make a full recovery.





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