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La playlist du vendredi 15 novembre 2019

15 nov. 2019 à 22:59Temps de lecture1 min
Par Classic 21
Artiste Titre Album
Deep Purple The Battle Rages On The Battle Rages On (1993)
Ozzy Osbourne Under The Graveyard Ordinary Man, OUT 2020
Kadavar Dancing With The Dead For The Dead Travel Fast, NEW !
DIO Lord Of the Last Day Magica (2000)
King Diamond Masquerade Of Madness The Institute, OUT 2020
W.A.S.P. Maneater The Headless Children (1989)
Slayer You Against You (live) The Repentless Killogy, NEW !
Agnostic Front Conquer And Divide Get Loud!, NEW !
Soundgarden Rusty Cage Badmotorfinger (1991)
Coverballs Maniac The Best Of The Beast (2019), BE
Valley Of The Sun Dim Vision Old Gods (2019)
Russian Circles Milano Blood Year (2019)
Korn Dead Bodies Everywhere Follow The Leader (1998)
Stake Critical Method Critical Method, NEW ! BE
Droit Divin Spokes In My Wheels METAL CAFE du 25/10
Droit Divin Wine From Blood METAL CAFE du 25/10
Droit Divin Full Throttle METAL CAFE du 25/10
Droit Divin In God We Trusted METAL CAFE du 25/10
Droit Divin Lust For Dust METAL CAFE du 25/10
Droit Divin All The Whores METAL CAFE du 25/10
Megadeth Holy Wars...The Punishment Due Rust In Peace (1990)
Dimmu Borgir Council Of Wolves And Snakes Eonian (2018)


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