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Classic 21 Metal, la playlist du vendredi 30 septembre 2022


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30 sept. 2022 à 21:55Temps de lecture1 min
Par Classic 21
Artiste Titre Album
AC DC Hard As A Rock Ballbreaker (1995)
Ruby The Hatchet Deceiver Fear Is A Cruel Master, OUT 21/10
Godsmack I Stand Alone Faceless (2003)
He Is Legend Lifeless Lemonade Endless Hallway, OUT 11/11
Guns N Roses Right Next Door To Hell Use Your Illusion I (1991)
Symphony X Without You Underworld (2015)
DIO Don't Talk To Strangers Holy Diver (1983)
My Diligence The Matter, Form And Power The Matter Form and Power (2022), BE
Stake Deadclock Eyes Love, Death and Decay, NEW ! BE
Mastodon Black Tongue The Hunter (2011)
Clutch Red Alert (Boss Metal Zone) Sunrise On Slaughter Beach, NEW !
Black Sabbath Snowblind Vol.4 (1972)
Metallica Master Of Puppets Master Of Puppets (1986)
Slipknot Acidic The End, So Far, NEW !
Wargasm Super Fiend EXPLICIT : The MiXXXTape, NEW !
Slipknot De Sade The End, So Far, NEW !
Psychonaut The Fall Of Consciousness Unfold The God Man (2020), BE
Candlemass Solitude Epicus Doomicus Metallicus (1986)
Powerwolf Call Of The Wild (ft. Hansi Kürsch) single, NEW !
Gojira The Heaviest Matter In The Universe From Mars To Sirius (2005)
Slipknot Hive Mind The End, So Far, NEW !
Bloodbath Putrefying Corpse Survival Of The Sickest, NEW !
Marduk Shadow Comes Wormwood (2009)

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